Amazon and California Hug It Out, Sign One Year Sales Tax Deal



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Amazon or any other large business is not going to pay taxes.  We are.  Any tax or tax increase is passed on to the consumer in one form or another.



Amazon needs to collect and pay taxes the same as any other business in the state. Period. By not doing so they have an unfair advantage over local businesses.


People bitch so much about Wal-Mart versus small business for example. Imagine if Wal-Mart didn't have to collect sales tax like everyone else. How much worse would that situation be?



Yup, Jerry Brown shows a lot of class in his firm resolve to collect more taxes at the expense of those Californians who have lost/will lose their jobs by his bone headed intransigence. Amazing how fast nit wits like him disregard those people who would love to go to work for Amazon. Keep those eyes on the priz$e Jerry. Having lobster again tonight, are you?



it is the false consciousness drilled into you by korporations like amazon that keeps you from seeing the greatness of jerry brown, a man of the people!



if "korporations" is not a level... well then I need not say more



Of the people. By the people. For the people. A regular Lincoln. Or Boss Hog? I say - Jerry, put down that lobster! I say - More lobster to the people!

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