Amazon Adds Fox Catalog Titles To Instant Video Service



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Amazon is getting much better content, but their user interface still has a long way to go to match Netflix.  Browsing, adding items to a queue, rating movies, suggesting movies, etc. are all much easier with Netflix.  



The downside with Amazon is all their TV/movies are SD unless they are streaming to you TV.  I'll continue to use Zune until that changes.



I have hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime (though I bought that for the shipping).


If Amazon Prime streaming ever goes onto my iPad (and I realize that's not likely), I'd give up Netflix.



Will this include new shows? Namely Terra Nova?


I Jedi

As someone said on the recent podcast at MaximumPC, being a Netflix subscriber is sort of not the cool thing right now; however, I still will keep the service because I find its value to me to still be highly acceptable, even with the setbacks of pricing and a company split of services.

Can I assume I'm the only one not going with the popular thing to do?

Amazon's addition of new T.V. shows and movies is not something I'm willing to fork over $80 bucks upfront per year. I still laregely appreciate the fact that I am able to rent DVDs from Netflix.


Brad Chacos

To be honest, I'm keeping it too. I subscribe to both Hulu Plus and Netflix, and find the $16 combined to be entirely acceptable.


Red Ensign

Well, after adding up the shipping from everything I bought from Amazon in the last 12 months and it came to $130, It makes financial sense to pay the $80 now and save $50 + get access to their Streaming. I still keep Netflix for streaming but have no use for their DVD service since I have both a Redbox and Blockbuster Kiosk within 1/2 mile of my house.




I tried hulu plus and found it to be a waste of $8.

I refuse to pay and watch commercials. And yes 4 commercials when you normally don't have to watch ANY is too much.



I would rather watch a few measly commercials than have nothing to watch at all. I'm sure the number of commercials depends on how much cash the content owner wants for letting Hulu host their stuff. Maybe they don't have the cash that Netflix does to pay everything out of pocket so they have to generate revenue somehow. After all, a lot of their stuff is free, most likely because of the revenue they generate from commercials.

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