Amazon Adds 3,000 Discovery Communications Shows To Prime Instant Video



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"How does Amazon Prime stack up to Netflix overall?"

Poorly until they can compete price wise. Prime is okay for someone who watches movies once in a while, but for someone like me that uses streaming for primary entertainment it costs way too much. I've watched dozens of TV series on Netflix, most being 100-200 episodes or more. Charge $1 an episode (like Prime does) and that's crazy money. They still want $3-4 to rent a movie, about the same price that video stores used to charge and look what happened. I also don't like having to pay for an entire year all at once.

There are some titles that Prime users can get free via instant streaming, but since I'm not a member I don't know how the selection compares with Netflix. I just know the prices I see when I visit their website.




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Netflix stock lost value because it was overbought, not due to anything they did. Their business plan made clear years ago that they were planning to do all of the things they've done: raise streaming prices, divest the dying mail-order market, and concentrate on increasing their streaming library to the largest in the world. I saw that business plan back in early 2010, and they're following it to the letter. And their subscriber base is going up, not down.

But people love to kick a giant -- especially if it used to be an underdog.



Eh, I still use Prime for my online shopping. It's a nice benefit that they offer for most free streaming titles. Especially since I don't have netflix

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