All Old Zune Models Being Phased Out



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 They should replace it with another HDD version than, because 300 for 32 gigs just isn't going to cut it for music, games/apps, AND video, especially if that video is supposed to be in HD.  One needs 10X the stoarage if they are going to be putting HD movies in their Zune.  

I love my Zune 80, Microsoft did NO marketing for the Zune, they just tossed it out there and it was just another ripple in the pond.  what a shame...  


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At least it ain't $400 for 32 gigs *cough* iPod touch *cough*...



definitely. the more i think about it, the morei want to wait for something bigger. as hardcore as it sounds, 32 gigs really just isnt enough anymore. my movie collection so far is 30 gigs. sigh, i really wanted one at launch...oh well, waiting game once more. i guess itl give me time to compare it to the zii egg.



i think part of its demise is that theZUNE accessories were way too expensive. I'll take a new car charger/ radio hookup for free, please! Current generation ZUNE owners should get something for their support - cause when the HD comes around, and if they do indeed phase out my 120GB soon, i think all ZUNE owners should not have to get the newer one if we don't have to, because support will be axed for "past gen" ones, i guess, too.

Zune Software could use some work too, but overall it's a decent player, even if all i use it for is syncing up the ZUNE.



God you guys are stupid. They 'discontinued' shipping for September from the Microsoft store. They are still around.



Oh good! Ill just wait till October then and get one. Oh wait... Your a fucking idiot. Of course they are still around, they didn't just all dissapear at once. Do you know what 'while supplies last' means? The answer is no, you don't.



Hey, there he goes again. Spreading the joy. Why are you such an Ass?

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