All New Kindle Fire Tablets Ship with 'Special Offers' (Ads); Wall Charger Costs Extra



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$20 for a charger? What are they, Apple? And what if people want to pay extra to get rid of the ads? If I do buy a tablet, it'll be a Nexus 7, not this piece of crap. (stock Android alone is a major selling point)



still waiting for the Google Nexus 10" before I take the plunge on a tablet.



Adding adds to these entry level devices is nothing new. It is not like they interrupt the use of your device, they only come up in the lock screen.

Personally I don't really care what is displayed in the lock screen.

Also, wall charges are another thing that have been left out of devices before, again not not a big deal to me.

When it comes down to it, the device itself is superior specs wise to its competition at a cheaper price. I'll take it.

Also, as has been mentioned, there will be an opt out option for the adds that you can pay for. Even if this brought up the price of the Kindle to that of its competitors, you still have a better device in your hands. Seems like a no brainier here.

For the more tech savvy people in the house, I'm sure someone will quickly come up with a way to disable the adds for free as well.



I have the ad supported Kindle Touch and the ad they're talking about is only on the lock screen. It goes away after you pop in your unlock code to go back to the main screen or wherever you were at last. In other words the only time the ad is displayed on the screen is when you're not actively using the device. It doesn't say in the article if the ad support also goes to the menu screen as well, but on the Touch the ad is at the very bottom of the screen and only about 5% of the screen's real estate. I don't know if I'm just jaded from the old days of popup ads on the internet but I've found I ignore the ad on the menu screen already and since I'm not using the device the lock screen ad doesn't bother me.



I don't think either missing a charger or the ads would stop me from buying the device if I really wanted it. As most have stated here, people are practically tripping over spare USB chargers at home. As far as the ads, I've been surfing the internet long enough to be able to coneviently tune them out. At that price, it's a decent device for people that may not want to buy some odd-ball POS $89 dollar tablet but also don't want to go all in on an iPad that will set them back $400 or more.



Um... yea... I'm totally glad I went with the Nexus 7 Tablet. This Kindle stuff is just a sad joke. Yea, it's cheaper. Yea, it's a higher res screen. But these "concessions" to make it cheaper is just a bad idea to me. I'll go with the Nexus. Its a no fuss no muss tablet. It just works. (Wait, isn't that an apple argument?! Hope they don't sue me for that comment, wonder if they have it copyrighted?)



Actually it's not a higher res screen than the Nexus 7, and the Nexus 7 still has a more power processor. The only "pros" for the Kindle Fire HD is it's storage capacity offering and it's supposed antiglare technology for the screen. I'll stick with my Nexus 7 with JellyBean versus the Kindle Fire's heavily customized ICS.


Roll Tide

I bought the original Kindle Fire for my wife and after getting initially excited I got bummed. I mean this type of "marketing creativity" probably is a prelude to even more non user friendly tablets. With the original Fire even though it is an android based tablet you either have to sideload apps you want or hope there is a an amazon version in the market. I was extremely happen when I found the apk for draw something and sideloaded it for my wife. Now even with a more robust model what does it exactly do that the old one doesnt? It does have an HD camera but that wont push me to spend more money on a newer one.



As far as the power plug, you can use one of the 20+ extra cell phone ones lying around the house... ;-)



I personally think it's worth seeing ads to save a few bucks. I'm disappointed they didn't include an adless version though.


Joe The Plummer

"If you're not interested in lock screen ads, don't go cancelling your pre-order just yet. According to Engadget, there will be a way you can opt out of ads, though Amazon didn't go into any detail other than hinting at the fact that it will cost extra to do so" - from the article.



I think he was referring to 'at launch'.


I Jedi

Well, looks like Microsoft's new Surface tablet just went up a few points for me.



The fact that it doesnt come with a wall charger isnt that big of deal. But forcing your paying customers to see an ad is stupid. If you dont want to release your product at the price given, then raise the price. No one likes to see ads. They eat the battery up and are annoying. Release it at 225 or 250, but dont nickle and dime the consumer. This is why the original kindle fire did well.

DISCLAIMER: Yes I know you can root and rom it, but 99% of the population does not know how to nor do half of them even know what rooting is.



actually you can pay a little extra to disable the ads



Ask an Australian what they mean by "rooting." :D



It means a very good night ;)

For the Americans, in Australia root, rooting and rooted can be swapped with your favourite 'F' word. It was always good for a giggle at Uni when people said they were going to go root a device. And rooting for your team, oh how we laughed.

Now ask an Australian or Englishman what "Fanny" means.

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