Alienware Probes The Mainstream With $1049 Gaming PC



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Granted the hardware was a little faster on your deal, but the price of the OS, Optical Drives and a good fan for that OEM CPU bring it to over $1000, and then you have to put it together, tweak it and in the end you don't have a free t-shirt for your efforts. The price of the hardware is not the issue, the issue is wheteher it is worth the extra money for Alienware to assemble and warranty the rig rather than you put it together yourself and hope it lasts. Plus a fancy case will set you back more than you'd like.


Isn't this about what the MaxPC zero point systems run? At least now we know where about the entry price for a MaxPC is.



LOOK AT THIS VALUE! Our Price: $879.99XFX nForce 780i 3-Way SLI Motherboard - Qty: 1  $219.99 Intel C2Q Q6600 2.40GHz OEM - Qty: 1  $189.99 OCZ SLI 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 - Qty: 1  $79.99 Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB Hard Drive - Qty: 1  $64.99 XFX GeForce 9800 GTX + Video Card - Qty: 1  $199.99 Ultra M923 ATX Black Full Tower Case - Qty: 1  $99.98 Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply - Qty: 1  $79.98it's missing the OS and optical drives but I think this is better buy, what do you think?????



Its about time someone made an at least above average all-round PC and didn't charge $3000 for it.....and all you naysayers....should probably READ about what Alienware DOES put into thier cases.  You can even paly Crysis on a hot summer day with an Alienware  ^^



The price has to be a joke, I mean it comes with 2 GB and is upgradable to 4 GB.  I have seen computers for the same price that come with 4 GB and are upgradable to 8 GB or 16 GB.  2 GB may be OK for 32 bit windows but I would not buy a 64 bit system without 4 GB minimum and it has to be upgradable to 8 GB.



anyone that is seriouse about gaming would not buy this or any other pre made pc. the best thing to do is buy all the parts and do it yourself and if you dont know how to pay a little extra and get a pc shop to do it for you. this would give you the best gaming pc for a lot less money



Mother ship? MOTHER SHIP!?



Looks like this might stack up against the $800 "budget" PC. Get the interns on it post haste, I want to know if $200 is worth the sweat equity.



Yea I wanna buy it so I can add a another video card and some better ram, and a few other things, I just might do it

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