Alienware Offering Bigfoot Wireless-N Adapters In Gaming Laptops



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Hasn't it been proven before that these so called "gaming" network cards don't offer much improvement from a standard card, if any at all? The price for meager improvement isn't worth it.



QOS on the internet is useless.  The best you can hope for is that you can select which of your traffic types goes out your pipe first and possible maybe some shaping but that delays traffic.  Receive QOS does not really exist since you cannot control what gets to you first.  Yes routers can handle QOS my selecting what to send first but a PC can mark it for easier classification.  But any PC can do that now and that is normally handled by software.



My only response on this one can be LOL



I have to agree with these statements. QOS is normally done within the router so how can this overide that; unless you dont set it up your self, but most gamers would know how to do this already. Secondly, even it can send a single to the router at 450 Mbps, it won't do you much good if you are playing on the internet with a low download/upload speed. 



I don't know in my experience play multiplayer on wireless never did any good. Not G not N. Never worked for me. If you are a competitive gamer the first step to get better performance is to get ping as low as possible. Period. You are already payed hefty price for such a laptop. Just connect god damn cable.



Isn't QoS controlled by the router?  It seems like a broken system if a NIC can override those settings.



Stay away from the Killer NIC brand. They don't support their products at all. Their K1 and M1 cards never even got full Vista drivers. They had abandoned development on the drivers for these cards to work on future products. That didn't stop them from selling the cards at full price though.



Is it just me or does this seem like they are charging for a ready-to-go QOS system? I would ratehr save my money and tweak the settings in Tomato.

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