Alienware M17x R3 Could Feature Radeon HD 6000 Series Graphics, 3D Display



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I made a mistake once!  I actually purchased an Alienware computer.  Within three months it was junk.  Now the fan hits such a high pitched wine that i have to turn it off to protect what hearing I have left.

It is not a mistake I will ever make again.  So, say what you want about Alienware, my mind is closed as well as my wallet when it comes to Alienware.



So, based on the machine pictured above I am to assume Windows Vista is the recommended OS?



Now we're talkin'!!
Seems be the first 6000 series gpu laptop so far. I'm curious on the other specs. Pretty tempting.
On the otherhand, Sandybridge around the corner.


Keith E. Whisman

GTX460M doesn't exactly offer earth shattering performance, not like a GTX480M alone or in SLI. I'll take the GTX480M over anything other than a not yet available GTX580M.

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