Albatron's PCI 8-Series Videocards Hit a Snag



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this is a great thing for people who want to run with 16 monitors and don't want to use break out boxes.


I know I'm sold



the demand for this typ of card will be very low first of becuas eny one who play pc games will have atleast a agp bus and second of the pci bus will bottleneck the hell out of eny modern card so it will be a mager waste if time even if you buy one!


Talcum X

 PCI, as wonderful as it was to bring a standard 32bit bus to the PC market (booting VLB to the curb), doesnt need to be reincarnated.  They shouldnt go further back than AGP.  There would be a larger market there than PCI, IMO.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

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