Ah Crud, AMD Cayman (HD 6970) Reportedly Delayed



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The timing is very suspicious to say the least...

I think this is just a stop gap measure to prevent prospective upgraders from immediately jumping on the GTX 580 bandwagon.   


Keith E. Whisman

AMD is just trying to sell as many 6870's as possible to people with 5870's thinking they are upgrading. The 6970 will be the so called refresh with added performance to entice all those folks that recently upgraded to the 6870 from the 5870 to upgrade again to the 6970. It's a scam on I'm on to it AMD. I know what your doing AMD and it's smells really bad and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 



My name is AMD and I'm evil and I want to trick my loyal customers in buying something that's not going to live up to their expectations. Right......



But given your past posts, I am afraid you are serious.
No one is going to mistake a $250 for a $350 card. AMD wanted to get the x800 number scheme back to sub 256mm^2 chips. That is all.

The 4870x2 was launched 28 months ago, and its performance is still comperable to the 5850. In fact, the 3870x2 still has plenty of life left in it. AMD is not expecting consumers to do three upgrades in a single year as you imply.

Lets not forget this is AMD we are talking about.


Keith E. Whisman

I am certain that this is somehow related to Chemtrails, JFK assassination, and the UFO's over Phoenix. I heard that AMD is in league with TPC and you know that TPC is behind everything. This is just a splinter of the world wide conspiracy. There has to be a Free Mason in this somehow. God haven't you read Angels and Demons? Haven't you? Read between the lines, read between those lines. It's all there.. 
















Just kidding, I thought it would be funny.....



I'd like to think of this as karma getting back at AMD's descision to change the naming system. :p

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