After Meltdown, Former N-Control PR Rep Attempting to Extort Company



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This story all started when Paul Christofor had a less then professional email exchange with a disgruntled customer named Dave. Dave sent the transcript to that point to a few sites one being Penny Arcade. Where one of the owners Gabe (Mike) kind of got envolved. He sent Dave and cc'd Christofor a email stating that Christofor would not be welcome at either PAX from that day forward. Then Christofor decided to go off on Mike a couple of times and all Mike did was post the entire transcript to PA's front page. From there the whole thing snow balled to where it currently stands.

What I find really funny about the whole thing is how Christofor has no idea what he has and is doing. If he had any brains he would of shut up and got the h@ll out of dodge. But he keeps bouncing from a pathetic and disjointed attempt at damage control to what is pretty much sociopathic behaviour. The sad part is that he's got the attention of the internet trolls and they keep batting him around like a cat with a mouse which isn't making it any easier. As well these cave dwellers see his faimly as far game so there's been a lot of threats sent their way as well.

When it first started it was a bit of a "Wow does this guy have a clue?". Now I'm afraid if someone doesn't reign him in soon the whole thing might end in a tragic manner.



+1 sums up what has happened pretty good.


And holy bajesus...!!! This guy needs to be locked in a room full of pillows and padded walls.



Pretty good read on the situation.  I've dealt with a few of these types over the years - people who are so obviously unhinged you just can't hire them, but who think that you are discriminating against them because you fear their 'amazing abilities' or something.

With 8 billion people on this planet, you would think people like Chistofor would realize they just aren't special.  Guess his learning curve is gonna take him right to the clink. I bet someone will make him feel really special there.

I do feel sorry for his family - family should always be off limits.



I agree with you about the family. Problem is if there are people who think it's alright to leave tastless jokes on a Facebook wall for someone that's died threw tragic means, then harassing Chistofor's family is most likely a given. I don't know how some people can have such a skewed moral compass that nothing is out of bounds for them. Sad really when you think about it.



His mom should slap the Bejeezus out of him for making her look like a douche...




You can thank the steroids for turning you into the world's biggest loser. Dumb ass....



Wow. Just... wow. This guy is aiming for a new rock bottom. What a loser.


oh, and just to drive the point home further... he likes to hit women.



This guy is some sort of piece of work.  He has arguably the largest - and completely unjustified - ego I think I've ever heard of.



Bwahahaha....The whole story here is a how-to guide for what not to do as a PR consultant, and moreover, what not to do as a person.  Thanks for posting this Ryan.  It's a good read.  Maybe post a link to the full story about the whole ordeal though, so those who don't know about the whole thing can catch up.  =)



Perhaps he is unaware, but extortion and obvious external manipulation of another entity's intellectual property is in and of itself a punishable offense...


Never mind the efforts to defame or disrupt the activities of the company...


He's not going to get money or a contract out of this, he's going to get a new "boy friend" and a lot of time to think about what he's done... On the up side, "three hots and a cot" guaranteed isn't too shabby, but the "cost" to get it may well be more than he'd like to pay...

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