After Flunking the iPhone 4, Consumer Reports Gives iPhone 4S Passing Grade



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Keith E. Whisman

SIRI is awesome. Ask SIRI for a Blow Job and she looks up local escourts in your area, just awesome. I've asked SIRI every sexually charged question a man can ask a woman so far and it's been a blast. She finally told me that this is about you not me or Now Now. Some sex based questions gets you a look up for adult sex stores and others bring up look ups for local strip bars and clubs. SIRI is definitely not all that of an innocent girl after all. Seems like she has been around the block a few times. 

The camera just kicks ass. The pictures are instant and I can do rapid fire shots. This camera is definitely better than my stand alone digi cam. Music playback is fantastic on the head phones and not too bad on the stereo speakers either. 

Blue tooth and wifi are quick and simple to setup and setting up the phone to use my Google account for all my contacts and my main email is pretty easy too. Don't buy an app to do this as there are clear and easy instructions for setting up your Iphone to use google contacts. 

It's a great phone and I haven't had the battery problem. I have the black 32Gb Sprint Iphone 4S. 



Apple is really doing a great job of milking those that are loyal to them. People were expecting the iPhone 5 and got the 4S. They were pissed, but still bought it in droves because it was new and it was Apple. And it STILL doesn't support 4G. Hey Apple, 2011 called you on your iPhone 4 to let you know about 4G but the call apparently got dropped for some reason.



I agree with you.  The cult following of Apple fanatics are ridiculous.  Still the whole 4G thing isn't that big of a kicker.  Since there's still ALOT of holes in the 4G network (No 4G Signal).  They are probably saving it for the Iphone 5.  So people can think OMG screw this 4S and get the 5.  And they will flock to it without hesitation cause they are spoon fed morons. 



LOL, apples doing a great job at marketing to people with no technical knowledge of what they buy and they also did a great job at painting those of us who do as the fat guy in the old pc vs mac comercials.

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