Advertisers Miffed Over Mozilla's Upcoming Do-Not-Track Default in Firefox



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I don't think this will work out very well. I see two potential results. The first one, which is quite unlikely, is that it works perfectly and advertisers can't track users, the click-through rates drop like a rock, and all of the free websites which really on advertising profits to run their business go bankrupt and disappear. Buh bye MaximumPC, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Gmail, etc.

The other result, which is pretty much the guaranteed result, is that too many users have do-not-track set, the advertisers can't make any money, and in turn the websites relying on advertising profits can't make any money, so the advertisers all just ignore the do-not-track flags or work around them, and we're right back to where we were.

You may not like advertisers or their practices, but face it, the entire web is funded on these companies. User tracking is integral to the function of the internet as it is today.


Shaharil Ahmad

It's way before prehistoric age of the web, the ads were obtrusive but now without using any ads blocker you could surf the web seamlessly (by not hiding them in the content) and you couldn't be more happier, you can see the web in different view.

Many of the content is cater to your interest. Nothing wrong there, they place the ads in the right column and it will not prevent your browsing experience in any way.

You can see how rich, colorful and vibrant the web is. Nowadays ads are more user friendly, creative and beautiful. Making your days and give you more boost. Refresh your tired eyes and making you more productive to work all day long on the monitor. It make you naturally to put your mouse and have click them. Like lovely kitten waiting for you to get tickle. How sweet and nice.

It's revolutionize and you'll be happy with ads today and how they matured by moving to something different.It's like having nice looking presentation of colorful band of orchestra. It's entertaining, soothing and exciting at the same time.

We do not need to remove it but improve it.

BTW, $0.99 per month kinda worth it!



I'm afraid that I have negative sympathy for advertisers. They've brought this sort of hardline upon themselves by creating huge secretive profiles on web customers to be sold to the highest bidder with little thought to consumer rights. Just look at Facebook's shadow-profile mess, let alone PRISM. None of that info is used to help me in any way, and some of it is evern hidden from me on purpose by advertisers and by government.

So forgive me if I can't muster anything but a morose chuckle at the complaints of people dependant on tracking cookies.



Absolutely right. Advertisers should have got together years ago and established standards of security and privacy, to protect the public AND avoid pissing them off. They couldn't be bothered... instead they let virus-laden and privacy-destroying crud erode their credibility. Now they reap the harvest.

Even Google, who I had some respect for until lately, turns out to have been cooperating with idiotically invasive and entirely needless espionage programs. Didn't they realize the probable cost to themselves? I'll never allow their scripts or cookies again, and will probably only access their service via an aonymizing proxy like DuckDuckGo.

On top of all that, it seems to me the Mozilla setting we're talking about is "do not TRACK," not "do not ADVERTISE." Surely, it must be possible to show ads and count hits without tracking my every movement on the Web?? If it's really not possible, my advice to advertisers is: start looking for a new business model.



Yeah, no help to you in any way! Except for providing a profitable business model for free to view websites and preventing terrorist attacks...


Peanut Fox

I don't believe that the web would some how collapse without advertisers, or that another (possible preferable!) business model wouldn't arise from the removal of advertisers. Saying otherwise sounds awfully similar to the doom and gloom movie studios were preaching when you could suddenly record things on VHS tapes.

The internet has created and changed many previous business models since it has taken off. It's not surprising that the web itself, or it's business model would also change.



Screw them, I don't want their stupid irrelevant ads I don't want to see in the first place. My adblock and noscript are already a big middle finger to these guys.



Ever think maybe the ads you see are irrelevant to you because you have adblock and noscript installed?

I don't use adblock or noscript and all the ads I see on the internet are very relevant to me.



And I'm sure that the minutest details of your life that advertisers see about you are very relevant to them. Congratulations: you have become the product!

By the way, NoScript shouldn't even be part of this conversation. A script is a program, and there is NO WAY some faceless entity on the Internet gets to run its programs on my PC. Right now, for example, MaximumPC is asking me to run scripts from,,, and - in ADDITION to its own scripts on Aside from Facebook (who I already know I don't trust) I don't have any idea who all these people are. Sorry: they do not get to run their software on my PC. If I ever decide to go into the remote app-hosting business, they're welcome to get in touch and ask about my rates.



At least advertisers and businesses are admitting that they are pissed. I want to be able to allow and deny cookies as I see fit, because some tracking cookies are actually useful. It's nice that somebody is trying to determine what to block and what not to, but I still want the choice.

This all being said (as a small-business owner), I can feel for those small companies that might be hurt by the default implementation of DNT, but there are many ways to advertise other than using tracking cookies. DNT will help businesses to advertise in better ways, I think. It might even help cut some of the crap and bloat that is out there on the WWW.



May I please have a "Do not spy on me, bro." on my Google as well?

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