'Advertised Update' Leads to Sharp Decline in Firefox 3.6 Usage



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Not a problem for people who do not have updates turned on. I have yet to witness this 'advertisement'. Once they removed the status bar (with their excuse being it was hurting the performance of the application yet really they are copying Chrome as much as possible), it was obvious this company was going down hill. I've been with the lineage since Netscape 3 (still have the CD) and have never used another browser (as a main). That being said, the new versions are so bad I'd rather use IE9 then any version of Firefox greater than 3.

Good bye Mozilla, hope you crash and burn from here on out. You did it to yourselves.



I think the newer style of the status bar is better and cleaner. However, it could be faster. I know a guy who thinks that the rapid release versions of FF are unstable and are starting to have some memory leaks again, but they seem just fine to me (if only they could make some way for addons to continue to be allowed to run on newer versions). I refuse to use chrome because google promotes it with malware-like opt-out installs and lots of advertising, and IE isn't that great, so it's firefox for me.



Firefox is scheduled to be "end-of-lifed" on April 24...

I hope you meant Firefox 3.6.

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