Adobe Tries to Poach Apple Users with Discounted Switcher Program



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Not that I work on FCP other than when I'm forced to, but I don't think this is a mistake. I think apple will make FCP the next consumer edit system, and launch some other brand new edit system for professionals in its place.

This system will feature a required a new purchase and of course only be compatible with the most recent operating system and will not work on old machines....and by old, read 1.5 years.


Apple is greedy, not stupid. Either they know FCP is a piece of junk that has been stretched as far as it can go or they want some other reason to make everyone buy new machines. Just wait a few months, they'll release some new total integration thing that that everyone will drool over and spend all their fiscal year income to upgrade to...that will never work as promised.


P.S. Avid ran a similar promotion about a month or so ago.



I work full time as a video producer. Recently, we were seriously thinking about moving to Final Cut Pro as our editing platform. It goes without saying that we will never be switching to Final Cut now. Apple has made one of the biggest blunders in it's history with Final Cut X. It has become the laughing-stock of video editors across the globe. And rightly so. Apple with its propriety my-way-or-the-highway management has never been a good fit for video editing, or anything which required creativity in any form. Creativity does not mesh with closed software and workflows.

Look for Apple marketshare to drop across the board as a result.



Now, before I say anything else I just want to note that I don't hate Apple products or innovations, just Apple's means of conducting business and a few other policies.

With that out of the way:



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