Adobe Shows Off FlashTime Video Calling for Android



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Any word on weather FlashTime will be a Wi-Fi-only serivce like facetime?  Other than the fact that I would need a phone with a front-facing camera to use this, I would use it over the Apple version.



It's great to have a major software company like Adobe on our side, but that is a great question about the front facing camera dilemma.  I guess you could sit in front of a mirror, that way you would see your subject in your phone display and yourself in the mirror with the camera pointed toward the mirror.  (Might look pretty stupid though) But I'm all for taking Steve down another notch.  



Heck ya i would. Lets say that if most phones use this they would be able to use this with other flash devices so it would be cross platform so you wouldnt be stuck with just Iphone to iPhone but from Android to Windows Mobil Phone7. I find it funny that apple loves to issolate it's self from everyone else and in the long run could destroy them again.



First off, I'm a windows guy...Been building my own systems for 15 years +...Not an Apple troll.

I have the iPhone 4 and facetime works perfect. I love the iPhone 4!!!

Don't need Adobe and their plugins. Also Google has been pretty pathetic the past year just trying to copy Apple's iPhone. Just look at Google's stock price the past year...Down. Why don't they go focus on improving their search engine. Even Microsoft is doing something ORIGINAL with windows phone 7.



To bad the video ( is password protected, cant view it.

 Yes, I would use it but I would need a new Android phone with a front camera =/

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