Adobe Releases Flash Player 10 to Overshadow Silverlight 2



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Adobe responded by publishing the typespecification and releasing adobe type manager, software that allowed wysiwig scaling of type 1 fonts on screen.


 powerpoint designers




There's a Silverlight 2? I haven't even tried Silverlight 1 yet. I don't install anything until I visit a web site that requires it, and no websites that I've seen require Silverlight, they can only be enhanced by it. Meanwhile, there are websites that are written entirely with flash. Ever tried to use the Wii's flash 7 web browser. Not pretty.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



I fail to see how this really changes the battlefield much. The draw of Silverlight is the ability of average joe C#/VB developer to make great looking apps/sites without learning actionscript and the Flash architecture. That's why I use it. And yes, I considered Flash at one point. Tried it, but was never hooked. Silverlight appeals to my developer skills. Small learning curve. It's even fun. Good times.



I remember being scared by Actionscript when I had decided to develop a Flash website on my own - for personal pleasure - around 4-5 years ago.



I really doubt they heard about Silverlight 2 on the 13th and then decided to throw their new version out 2 days later. Even if they heard about the Oct 14th date awhile back, I doubt they planned their CS4 release to compete with Silverlight. Now that I think about it, it's a lot more likely to be the other way around.

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