Adobe Now Shipping Creative Suite 6; Cloud Service Later This Week



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I want to buy but adobe does not want to sell to me or so it seems. I can finally afford an adobe product, and yet when I proceed to buy, turns out it is only available in a few select countries. As for the rest of the fucking world? Sorry.

WHAT THE FUCK adobe this is the internet. Quit the artificial border bullshit.

I don't want to pirate, but you are forcing me to, otherwise I can't get it because you literally do not want to sell it to me. It's just not fair.



cant wait. ive been considerably lucky when it has come to adobe products. i was a student when i got cs3 and cs5 so i got them pretty cheap.

recently i bought a used macbook pro and it had a full legit license for cs5 master suite.

i heard about the free upgrade to cs6 if you buy cs5.5 upgrade. videoguys had them for about $30 or so less than adobe and i found a %10 off code online. so i pretty much got 2 cs6 licenses for less than $800 =)

sure i could get them for free but im trying to be as legitimate as possible for my work since we live in such a sue happy world nowadays.



I was offered a great link for a legit fully cracked torrent of 3dsMax and politely turned it down since I'd rather wait and buy it on my own time than risk getting sued and have them take my whole PC while they try to find 'evidence'. The police and law in general are so completely unprepared for dealing with cyber 'criminal'/civil issues that they do much more harm than good while they sort out their usb cables trying to figure out what goes where. Maybe they should outsource to GeekSquad... [insert troll face here]



Ladies and gentlemen, start your torrents!




Aye Aye captain



Adobe had the potential to produce great products, but they lost their way. It's impossible to install Photoshop, for example, without installing about ten different services, at least two different periodically spawning tasks in the task scheduler, and a whole bunch of junk that really, truly, has ZERO to do with the functionality of Photoshop itself. Even the end-user stuff (Flash has its own GetRight branded downloading agent, along with download-manager plugins) is as obnoxious and repugnant as Apple's (nearly impossible to install iTunes without Quicktime, browser plugins, and a half-dozen services, including an entire UPNP server).

For the guys like Valor who depend on the software to make their living and pay a couple grand a year for upgrades, maybe it doesn't seem as offensive when Adobe forces open the floodgates to take over your system. Personally, I'll wait until they cut the bloat out of their suite before I pull the trigger on any of their products, regardless of how many new features they roll out.



It is unbelievably frustrating the amount of bloatware present in just about everything nowadays. Plus, it seems like Adobe used poor quality ink on their actual product packaging, so now when I’m trying to reinstall my CS4 on a new SDD for my new system… the PID is illegible and Adobe won’t own up to it. They say I should have cared better for my packaging or recorded the PID elsewhere… which they state never to do since it compromises the security and integrity of your product. Funny thing is, I kept the CDs (5 of them!) and packaging in my lockbox for years. Maybe my birth certificate got jealous of the value of the cds and started assaulting the box. I’ve yet to take the time to call back and argue with the people who can’t speak English worth understanding, but I’ll just call over and over trying a new version of my PID until I figure out what the missing digits on my code are supposed to be. They did suggest upgrading to the new version at a discount using my old school discount… too bad I’m not with that school anymore and don’t get $1500 off Adobe products.



Still using the CS4 Master Collection I got at a discount in Game Design school. Though I can se the benefit of some of the advancement, the price tags definitely limit amateur from advancing a good bit. And yes, I do realize the master collection is meant for more advanced users, that still doesn't change my point. Drop the master collection to $1,999 and I might consider upgrading.



Just remember the discounted update is only good for 2 editions. So if you don't do the $199 on CS6, CS7 will cost you $699.

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