Adobe Media Player 1.1 Brings Sony Movies and Much More TV to the Desktop



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90201? I didn't know that anyone would want to watch a story about Bell, California; a city holding only 36,664 people. Oh well, might be neat to see how the rural folk kick it. Maybe it'll be on CMT?


Fanboys are annoying. Price/Performance is top priority. Patience=Awesome.



Well after testing it for all of 10 minutes, it's already obviously a lot better than 1.0 when it comes to the amount of content, and ease of finding it.

The quality of the videos still varies widely though, largely due to the respective source.  For example, the Daily Show episodes are too low-res to try to watch at anything larger than the default window size, where other prime-time shows (Swingtown, etc), look fine all the way up to full-screen.

The content library is growing, but probably won't be worth it until there's more shows you can get every episode of the season for.

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