Adobe Launches Reader 9



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Talcum X

 Foxit it small and quick.  But there is 1 feature missing from it that's in Adobes basket of features.  When you close a PDF somewhere down the middle of it ( manuals, and other very long documents), Acrobat will return to the spot you left off next time you open the file.  Very handy.  Foxit just starts you back at the top and you must remember where you were every time.  Not so handy. 


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



I wish they would stop adding on to pdf.

They used to be a great way to distribute read only content but now the reader executes so much code, it's as dangerous to download as an .exe!

 They have almost completly defeated the purpose of the format.



I don't edit pdf's, I just view them.  With that in mind, I've never used adobe ever since I found foxit.  Smaller installation + faster load times = better, in my opinion.



I always try every new version, but I immediately switch back to Foxit because the improved load times are still a lot slower than Foxit. Maybe this time the load speeds really will be competitive...


Unfortunately it's still necessary to keep the latest Adobe version around for those times when I need to fill out a complex form or something that Foxit doesn't support properly.



I might be willing to give it a try in passing.  Sounds like they've added a lot of features that might be worth checking out.

Myself, I use Foxit Reader on my own PC because of its very quick load time.  On a flash drive that I run a bunch of PortableApps on, I use PDFTK Builder for collation, page splits, etc. and SumatraPDF as a backup for the emergency case where whatever computer I'm using doesn't have any PDF reader installed (pretty rare in my experience, but worth throwing it on your flash drive just in case).

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