Adobe: Hang Tight, We'll Fix Things Next Month



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 ( shakes head ) oh Adobe....... will you ever learn......



I can't say I really want to use any pdf program anymore, most things I just view with the Google PDF viewer. It loads about as quick as Adobe or Foxit, plus since it isn't a plugin but simply a webpage, it doesn't cause your browser to lock up while loading a large pdf like reader and foxit are known to do.



 LOL! Go figure. Adobe taking their time about security! Say it isn't so! 

I switched all of my PC's, and at least a hundred others, over to Foxit a long time ago. But even Foxit is starting to become bloated. In another two years, we MaxPC types will be looking for the next simple PDF reader.  

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 Acrowhatshit? Is that some spin of of Foxit PDF reader?

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Number Six

99.9% of us can get by without Javascript in Acrobat, so just play it safe and disable the feature from withing Acrobat/Acrobat Reader.

Stupid Symantec still doesn't flag the exploit code (which I saved to my desktop) even with the latest definitions. :(


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