Adobe Flash Player 11 Ready to Rumble with HTML5



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It's tough to get excited about this release when you see a much smaller company like Unity innovating so much faster.  Take a look at the Unity Player to see what I mean.  This announcement would have meant something 5 years ago.



I clicked through because I was expecting to hear about a whole bunch of security and stability improvements.

Really tone deaf if they are not even addressing these aspects as they roll out their next major version.



Adding new functionality is great and all, but it doesn't add up to squat if the damn thing is the most unreliable and most security prone piece of code out there.

Seriously, I've never seen so many problems with any other peice of software.  I play a video on YouTube and it somehow gets rendered full screen behind my browser.

My linux HTPC ran for 6 straight months, including recording and playing live-TV, serving 4 websites, one with over 4,000 images, sending and recieving email (yes, it has POP and SMTP capababilities), dishing out files for the LAN in excess of Terabytes, routing the LAN, acting as the LAN's firewall, and acting as the Wireless Access Point, and yes, even Gaming on WINE.

In the end, after 6 months of solid stability doing all the above, it was Adobe Flash that gave it the segfault which rebooted the machine.

More crap doesn't make the current crap better Adobe! 



And only after the better part of a decade of people bitching to Macromedia and then Adobe, they finally do something.

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