Adobe Digital Certificate Used to Sign Malware



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Just goes to show that nothing is truly secure. That's why I like BSD so much: it's about as secure as someone can make an OS.

Speaking of secure,can a moderator tell me if my old account ashinms was hacked or if you banned me for some reason. If I was banned, I would really like a real explanation as to why, because that's what it acts like happened.



this one reads interesting,

the build server came in from the trusted vendor infected- the threat team knew it would be.

and banked that the build server would not get the same level of detail that normal production would.

this means they had bought off someone in the supply chain for the vendor.

. this attack was targeted- high end corporate for the applications affected.

really makes you wonder what they are after



this really is just an example of
why cloud security needs to be seriously reconsidered
most vendors just add a 128 bit key and assume its safe
10 years ago, sure today my kids pc can break that in a relevant time frame. It's just plain sloppy work, they know the risk is real, and they pretend they are immune and we know it's not the truth.



I hope this makes those "cloud computing"-bandwagon-jumpers think twice.



Never trusted adobe anyway. Their security has always been rather lax, same as their QA standards. This effects my opinion of them by absolutely none. It's as low as it ever was :)

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