Adobe CEO Responds to Steve Jobs' Verbal Lashing of Flash



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Steve Jobs would stop talking if everybody stopped listening. I stopped listening to him long ago....



As funny as that would be it can't happen due to such a large majority of Adobe's users being mac fanboys. The whole design industry is filled with people who would rather be unproductive with a Mac than productive with a PC. They could continue putting an emphasis on PC over Mac though. For example, Photoshop 64 bit is just hitting Mac in CS5 where as it was out in CS4 for Windows. If I was Adobe I would take some of my focus from Apple and put it towards Linux. If Adobe went to Linux I think it could really put a hurt on Apple, especially in the video industries.



In my flash forward, I saw some create a program that automatically converted flash content to HTML5.



windbane, you make a great point, but doing that does nothing to people with macs. that kind of thing is what bootcamp is for. though i agree, imho if macs are so freakin great to these mac fanboys, then why would you want to run any kind of windows software on their precious, over-priced hardware weilding s**tbox.  dropping support for apple has most likely already crossed thier mind, but they would lose business simply because a lot of big companies/schools use macs cause they are not as often targetted for viruses and malicious attacks.



If I were Adobe I would give up on Apple altogether and be PC only on their CS software and whatever else the make. Adobe helped make Apple the content creation system for the graphic design industry. Apple would have been in a far worse place if Adobe hadn't. For a long time it was "gotta get a Mac for Photoshop or Premiere", now it doesn't really matter. Apple's living in the past, HP, IBM, and many other realised back in the late 1980's early 1990's that closed hardware systems were a thing of the past. That dictating what your customers needs were, telling them what they can and can't do on your systems is a thing of the past. These aren't video game consoles (where people expect to only play Wii on Wii and Xbox on Xbox), these devises are an extension of the home computing experience.

People now want a home computer like experience in their hand-held devises, that means running whatever software it'll take to get that same experience, and if that means that they need to have Flash support then give them Flash support. As mobile tech gets better and more robust, the hardware and software that lets consumers achieve this, and the hardware vendor that lets them, will reap all the benefits.



I applaude Adobe for not directly attacking Steve Jobs' comments. It's just goes to show you who the mature one in this fight is. Honestly, he made SJ sound like a little buffoon trying to convince the world that only Apple's products are good enough for his precious platform. I would buy his products. I would. Apple's hardware is sleek compared to it's PC couterparts, but I don't like SJ and his apple fritters. I don't like the way they do business.

I believe that Apple has the right to make thier product, hardware and software, any way they see fit to meet thier own standards. But I also believe that once a product is purchased from a consumer, it becomes the comsumers property. It doesn't continue to be Apple's like SJ would have you believe. If I want to put flash on my apple product, I should be able to. If I want to surf p0rn on my apple product, I should be able to. It's my business, not SJ's or apple's. But all I see is Apple telling you what you can and can't do with THIER prescious product after purchase. Sure, you can customize it, but only what apple says you can do with it. It's like buying a new car for 40 thousand bucks and wanting to slap on new rims/tires to your liking but they tell you, sorry,  those rims/tires are not approved by GM, BUT you can purchase these from our approved GM online store. SAD, very sad.



I like Flash... and I respect this guy going up and attempting to fight Jobs accusations... But he didn't... Every SINGLE time a valid point against Flash was brought up, he started talking about their "Vision". Erm.. I don't give a DAMN about your vision, the point of the interview  was to discuss Jobs attacking you... He actually strait up said at one point "Im not here to answer to these accusations" erm.. yes... yes you are. But meh, at least he represented the company in a quick response.



Jobs is notorious for making ridiculous claims, from suing Nokia, to suing HTC over patented ideas, and unrelated things that the iPhone was said to have, or that are totally different from the abilities of the phones in question, to trying to sell the same shit someone else does for more money, to actually trying to sue Gizmodo for losing an iPhone prototype.

Jobs acts like he makes the market turn, and that everything he's done was original. The OSX dock, for one, is not original, actually...the OSX features a lot of things Linux did before OSX. When Tiger was out, I had a dock like program on my SUSE and Ubuntu systems, along with the multiple workspaces.

In total honesty, Jobs would like to think Apple is a guiding company that forces the whole computing world to move ahead, but really, who's on firewire again? Really, the big deal with all of this is that Jobs didn't come up with flash and it's a successful, very successful, multi-platform software not owned by him. Essentially, he thinks himself as god, as a local newspaper comic displayed quite tastefully, an image of him handing the iPad down from heaven, in the same manner as the Sistine Chapel painting, which puts his ego into a direct perspective.

I honestly think he's a moron, and he isn't even the brains of the company, he's the image, however I don't think that would be the image I would like my company to have. This is rather irritating, but at least we have news in the world because of this. I honestly would like to see someone completely deny Jobs and stop him dead in his tracks on one of his endeavors, with how calm Narayen was in the interview, he looks like just the man to down Jobs' ego respectively.

I don't mind Apple's computers, and the iPhone is ok and all, but I don't buy from that company because of how stupid their front man is. He's immature, petty and has the absolute most self inflated ego of anyone I've ever seen in my life time. He's like a cult leader: oppose the mainstream, assume you're god, tell people what they want, give them less than they ask for, and leave them stuck with your product. 

Flash will stay around for one good reason, it's a simple enough to understand language to do simple tasks in, which more people are learning how to make their own websites, means more people are making nice little flash objects in their pages without a lot of trouble but also something that can be advanced enough to do complex things including games and even full websites with a significant amount of functions and aesthetic abilities.



...some Kool-Aid with your new Mac?



Sorry, I had to say it.


"Sheesh, it's just one man's opinion..."   -Me



I've always seen Jobs as an isolationist and the reason Apple has such a low market share of the PC Market.  Once the PC entered the market, it surpassed Macintosh and gained 80% of the market.  My first MAC was a G4 because I'm a huge fan of OS X.  I get up and running, what I mean by running is into a brick wall with compatibility, proprietary software and hardware.  To this day, any new apple product is not compatible with past products whether it be software or hardware.  I was totally dumbfounded when I tried to update my itunes to 9.1 and got a message saying that I couldn't do it because my G4 didn't meet the requirements.  Wife and I get some Ipods, share a library?  NOT!!!  Changes have been made since then to allow it but at the time it floored me.  Can you play MP4s with anything else?  NOT!!  My G4 with OS X.2 trying to play netflix, NOT!!!  Get and ipad and sync it with ipod/iphone NOT!!

So, you'd think I would go out and buy a PC?  Well, no I bought an Intel base MAC that works great, why? because the one thing jobs can do is sell you something.  He can convince you to buy his products regardless of the incompatibilities and the proprietary software.  Do I have a PC, yes.  I can't believe that the government went after microsoft for it's Internet software and Operating System becasue he gave the people and the businesses what they wanted and adapted to thier needs.  Jobs has way more propriatary, monopolized, and overpriced software than microsoft ever had but I guess the government doesn't care about the company that has 10% of the market share. 

 And now this bru-ha-ha with Adobe.  Bought a phone this week and it was not an iphone only because of the proprietary nature of the product.  Only ATT, no java.  We'll I don't get reception from ATT where I live so I went with HTC HD2 that can be had by many providers with many different operating systems, Windows Mobile, Droid, Google etc... 

To have the best of both worlds you have to own one of each, MAC and PC.  This is my opinion and many statement is what I percieve to be true in my own experience with the subject. 


Zachary K.

here is an example, electric cars are the wave of the future, so...

plan a: you immediatly get rid of all the gas station. needless to say the people who still drive gas cars are angry. they start to sue and make a big fuss.

or, plan b:  you stop selling gas cars and slowly phase them out of existance instead of trying to bring down a brick wall with one swing of a hammer.

steve jobs took plan A.



He took care of it the right way, even though its Apple they're talking about. Should he have criticized Apple? Not publicly. He did this very well, and we should all learn from him. Being mad just gets you into more trouble. 

My exploding trick: Any iPad/Phone/Mac haters get a lot of silly putty, then clog up the speakers on iPad and iPhone or vents (if they exist) on an iMac and wait for a few minutes... then....



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