Adobe to Apple: "We've moved on," Sucka



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I think Adobe should tie Flash into the whole Creative Suite line so that Apple users lose Photoshop, etc.

I'd love to see the sh*t hit the fan on that one. ;-)



I agree.  I've been thinking about that since Jobs' initial open hate-mail to the world about Adobe.  Somehow, every crappy review which compares an Apple machine to a PC, they always say something like "Apple has Photoshop" but leave out that PCs run the same software.

Adobe should say, "Ok, you want to bite the hand that feeds you.  We respect your decision.  By the way, we're not sure when we will be able to get our Creative Suite for Apple on the shelves.  Also, we no longer support the Apple Creative Suite versions older than the current one, which we don't know when we will be able put on the market."


Zachary K.

would i be illegal, or risk a lawsuit if they started developing for the jailbroken market? help comex out with frash?



What is frash?

Who is they?

Would you be illegal or risk a lawsuit if someone started developing for jailbroken market? What?!

News flash! There are plenty of apps already developed for rooted and jailbroken phones!



I really enjoyed this feud. Next I want to see Apple feuding with HP. 



Support of the community has long been the retort for companies whenever a matter of consumer choice is involved. 

Frankly, Adobe would be better off streamlining their platforms and making more attempts to innovate instead of merely proclaiming that they actually do.  The cost to incremental nudges forward is a staggering ratio.  If they actually cared about the consumer at all, they'd offer more value for the money and better, more cost-effective upgrade options for longtime supporters.  Instead they seem to spend most of their effort marketing themselves - time better spend patching security holes and cutting down the bloat. 

Odd. Without the name, "Adobe," in there I could almost be talking about Apple.



You could be talking almost about any tech company.



Them's fightin' words! I can't wait to hear/read what Steve 'The Almighty' Jobs has to say about this...


BTW, anyone see The Simpsons episode where they go in to the Mapple store, and Bart rips on all the Mapple followers? I think if you hit up YouTube and search for "The Simpsons Mapple" you should be able to find it. Good clip!




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