AdMob Survey Shows 28% of Tablet Owners Consider it their Primary PC



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First let me start off by mentioning im typing this on my Motorola Xoom, my "primary PC".


Now with that out of way I must mention that I've been using various forms of computers for over 20 years now(hey thats longer than most of you have been alive!). In my house sits no less than 6 PC's, everything from a pitiful HP mini netbook(which i only bought because i was bored at the time and wanted to screw with something new) to a admittedly older gaming rig i built myself.(waiting for bulldozer before i build another one). My operating systems range from XP Pro to 7 Pro as well as Fedora 13 and Honeycomb.

Now, with all that being said....I use my Xoom more than any other system I have. ZOMG!!!!! NOOOOOOOEEEESSS!!!

Alot of you are probably in a hissy fit right now wondering why I would use a "limited OS" as my "primary" choice.

To make it simple, I simply dont need a full PC 90% of the time. I spend most of my time online and on the go. Im a soldier and my job as a mechanic in the army takes me away from that nice cushy home that most of you have. Lugging around my most used laptop(a AMD powered HP DV7) gets old after a awhile and i just prefer the size and weight and all day and then some of tommorrow battery life of my Xoom. Im not limited by trying to find a wi-fi hotspot or the hassle of tethering my phone to provide internet access for my laptop as my Xoom is always connected. Its way more comfortable to louge around at the house or in my car or on a boat, where ever with my Xoom than it would be a laptop.

So you may say im a "noob' or whatever because I dont need full fledged PC all the time. I find that funny since most of those very people are huge advocates of cloud computing. Im happy with my Xoom. When I need to boot up one of my other rigs I will, til then the Xoom best meets my needs. 



Da Man

Because 1430 is such a great sampling size of end users! LOL



It's good if the noobs stick to their tablets. If they used an actual PC it would be infested with malware within hours.



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Tablets are little more than a glorified dumb terminal. Damn, I remember when just 10% of the people were idiots.



People who consider a tablet as their primary pc are not primary pc users . I,m sure that they don.t even use a pc every day ,they text email or chat like most teen agers I know. Also if I am also twist the the words 28% of these users can,t use a pc!



"People who consider a tablet as their primary pc are not primary pc users."

Perfectly said.



Double post.



"28% of tablet owners don't use electronics for real work."





I can't believe people would actually use a tablet as their main PC.  Tablets limit what you can do so much.  Personally, I will never buy a tablet because they seem useless to me.  I have my desktop for home use and I have my laptop for on the go use.



It actually makes perfect sense to me. Just think of how many people out there are using computers from 1998-2005, running Windows 98, Me or XP, that are only used for email and web surfing.

For you and I (and other readers of MPC) the idea is ludicrous. But previously studies have shown the vast majority of computer uses are web browsing and email, both of which are easily done on a tablet.



Sadly, the type of people that come to MPC are the minority in computer related studies. But we are the ones that everyone turns to when they screw their systems up.

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