Administrators of French File Sharing Site Arrested, Face Jail and Fines



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I think this is pretty bad. Can you really expect people who put links to other sites to know if any of them are breaking copyright laws? Even if they would comb through each website how do they know if each piece of content is compliant or not? They may have a case if they can prove that the website knew that the links hosted illegal material. If not then they're innocent in my opinion.

Instead of tracking down the real criminals it seems like they're going for easy money by picking on these guys.



"They were just linking people to sites that offer media for free."

Uh no..they were linking people to sites of media for people to STEAL.  Big difference...


Holly Golightly

Umm... Shouldn't the justice department target websites that are ACTUALLY giving the people media to "steal" as you have suggested? I think it would be better if they went straight to the source... Also, a lot of people use Google to link them to pirated goods as well... Shouldn't the justice department seek ALL who link people to STEAL media? I find it ironic they would go after these small guys, and not get the guys who may be actually cause the greatest damage. To me, it seems rather counter-productive with their time and the cost of litigation. It kind of reminds me what happened to Napster... People easily found other replacements. One day it is LimeWire, the next it is PirateBay. The media lobbiest are behind the times. 


Holly Golightly

Wow, what a primative way to fight "piracy!" To be honest with you, the media industry should not price themselves out of the market. Websites like Liberty-Land should not be targeted. They-themselves did not post any content at all. They were just linking people to sites that offer media for free. They are not hosting it themselves, so I do not know what to say. If anything, they should be protected.



Honestly don't care if they're going after the people who profit off file sharing.

That said, I do think it's a paper tiger that everyone is way too concerned over. I mean, at $700,000 you'd think this was something serious. But links to download TV shows? I'd put that up as about as evil as jay walking.



Unusually friendly, or more realistic? Depends on your views.



Law is just... gay in many terms. They are friggin links. What's the big idea!

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