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I'm using the background image anyway. I use Chrome, but sometimes I still check out the Google homepage.


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The "boring" search page is what I love about Google.  I hate overkill, and I think that's what BING does...  With Google, I know exactly what I'm getting - it's a search engine and that's all I need it for...  I don't expect more from a search engine page...focus on what you're good at Google, you're doing a wonderful job!



Have you ever tried iGoogle? Its a home page that Google offers so you can add all kinds of widgets and themes. You can customize until your hearts content. I use it every day.


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The plain vanilla Google home page looks good to me.  That aside who is looking at it?  If you use Chrome you can enter Google searches in the address bar.  FireFox and Opera have a separate box for Google searches in the corner.  IE will let you set a default search.  For me the question is why would you want to look at Google's search page anyway?



The only reason Bing has such a "Snazzy" look is becuase its trying to look better than google when google will be forever better. I'll probably download a theme, but does it really matter? No.

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this is really cool....thumbs up!!



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Well I have to say this is about time.  Currently Google offers so many apps and services, but customization of the homepage has never been a strong suite.  I will definately check this out, though I do prefer the minimalist look of Google compared to's look.  I hope to see more home page customization soon, but this is a good start.


MdX MaxX

This'll be great for some, but it turns the Google logo white and it's pretty ugly IMO.  I'll stick with the default look.

At first I thought the "Bing" pun was an ironic typo, but then I read the rest.  I'm kind of disappointed now. 

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