A-DATA's 512GB Laptop SSD Launched at CeBIT



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It is exactlly on the contrary in fact.

SSD have long had problems writing small data files, especially random files. One of the prime example was jMicron Controler A version (now revised to B), which basically 90% of all SSD vendors used. Intel changed this with it's own 10-channel support controller.

Now thing are changing fast. More storage, faster transfers, better controllers and lower prices are coming rapidly. You can get solid SSD for $100 US, though with a small capacity.




yeah things are chaning bur SSDs still have one huge herdle to get over, the "it will work for 10 years then go to read only"


though to be fair i dont think most plater drives are used for 10 years but the idea they COULD is a major point in theor favor against the average consumer.


Heck my family pc just died and its only 6 years old, the HDs are probably still good but everything is going to be replaced and the data transfered to new HDs soon so even if they were SSDs the average user would probably still never see its end of life.



SSDs read write speeds are great for small files, but when large files get involved its faster to go with the plate disks.  That is going to have to change before i think about getting a SSD



Do you have any data to back that up?  In my experience the SSD's work faster with all files.  The performance difference is actually even greater with large files, since platter disks performance decreases the longer the transfer runs.

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