Adafruit: Hand Over Open-Source Kinect Drivers to Win $2,000



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We just sit too damn close. The Kinect is made for whole body movements and I am sitting less than two feet from my monitor. What do I do , put the Kinect on a table behind me? Mount it on the ceiling?



"work closely with law enforcement and product safety groups to keep Kinect tamper-resistant"

Hardly. Software licensing and EULAs are not applicable. If I buy this physical device, M$ has legally sold that one physical device to me. I will have a sales contract, commonly called a receipt.

I may legally do with it as I please...

Softare, this isn't...

Even if M$ includes some kind of legal verbiage in a "EULA" in a product brochure, it will not be legally binding.


Keith E. Whisman

Law enforcement? If I buy a kinnect, a hardware device, and I want to use it for whatever I want to use it for, then that's my business. MS can go take a hike. DCMA only covers media and not hardware, if that's what MS is eluding to by mentioning Law enforcement to keep the kinect proprietary.



eluding to is legal action against any IP violations, which in this case could occur if the tech inside was to be reverse engineered and the harvest used in similar products for the PC. So they are probably warning any third-parties from infringing on some of the patented tech inside.  That is what i think. You are right they can't do anything if someone chooses to use their Kinect unit in ways not originally intended, including with open-source drivers and with other devices. Anyways corporations love to speak first and think later as to what they really implied.



2k is too small if M$ will be using that code one way or another.



You know I just realized maybe I'm far of the true but  I think Windows 8 will have Kinect as fully integrated with it and it will will be available for windows 8 exclusively. Think about it. Windows 7 has nice tablet pc capability , now add voice control and gestures to that and it will be sold like hot cakes !!!!


Keith E. Whisman

Just imagine, kinect will revolutionize cyber sex. awesome.


Mighty BOB!

I think it would be much more interesting as a PC input device.  I mean, the 3 major consoles are all going to have motion control, but this one will have no buttons.  It's useless for most genres of games because of that.



Would be worth $150 for a PC interface. Not so much so for a gaming console.



I've wanted this tech for the computer for 3 years now, ever since I read about it being previewed as the ZCam. It was supposed to have come to market, what? 2 years ago, december? or 3?

Instead MS buys the patents, buries the tech, then finally releases it as Kinect... a wasted piece of technology that is almost certainly doomed to failure unless MS stands behind it heavily, because until the games catch up to the tech, the devices are bound to be largely ignored by the gamer crowd.

What are the odds that MS will stand behind it if it starts out slower than predicted?

So let's go with open source drivers already! I want this as an interface tool, not as a game controller.



"Also, the company has vowed to “make advances in these types of safeguards and work closely with law enforcement and product safety groups to keep Kinect tamper-resistant.”


I'm very curious as to what role any law-enforcement would play in this? I hope it gets broken quickly and permanently, just to laugh in the face of Microsoft. Same thing with Apple or Sony getting jailbroken and crying about it.

If you buy something, you own it. End of story. You are free to do whatever the hell you want with it, and more power to you if you can stick it to the fat cat corporations.

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