Activision Sues EA, Former Infinity Ward Bosses for $400 Million



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Activision = Greedy Leeches of the Gaming world. I think they pressured IW like crazy to produce MW2 with more preference to console gamers instead of the PC gamers who made the franchise what it's become today. Therefore it sucked. Modern Warfare along with CoD2 and the original one with the awesome expansion United Offensive will always be my faves. On Activision, they know how to spoil the fun. Now don't laugh but I used to play WoW like a lot. But when they merged with Blizzard, the game because more about making money than being a fun game. They started to add all the pay services like character transfers, name change, sex change, faction change, digital sales for stupid in-game pets off their website, etc. I see them wanting to make a profit, a huge one, but really. The expansions are so boring, everything is the same way except different colors. The new dungeons can't even touch Vanilla WoW and I really think this is due to the greed and laziness that is now Activision Blizzard.


Mighty BOB!

"derail Activision's Call of Duty franchise, disrupt its Infinity Ward development studio, and inflict serious harm on the company"


Right because Activision didn't just make record profits off of Black Ops.  Nope, they're TOTALLY hurting for money and it's all the fault of those two dastardly evildoers.



"In other words, the publisher's spawn-camping Respawn Studios."



Fecal Face

I'm getting really sick and tired of companies constantly bickering back and forth with lawsuits. If you were creative and innovative enough you wouldn't need to sue your competition to get ahead, you would simply make a better product.

Pick one: Lawsuits, or Creativity/Innovation. Once you have one, I see no need for the other.


Then again, I'm just a teenager, what do I know, right?



Why can't they coexist without constant mudslinging?! It pisses all the PC gamers off and provides us with crappy, unrefined games. Seriously can't they just get it together and let bygones be bygones?



Let me gaze into my crystall ball.............................................

I see.....................................................................................

A Buyout Of Activitision by EA



Both of these companies can go fk them selvs. if all theur AAA titles die in the process then oh well.



Are you kidding me? EA is one of the few companies that actually cares anout PC gamers. Yeah they have been douches in the past but they are actually trying to release quality PC games. They are one of the few reasons why Crytek is still around and making awesome engines and games (they had some money issues after Crysis 1 came out and no one bought it). They are getting ready to release a new Battlefield game, and are one of the few companies that is actually supporting digital distribution.


I mean seriously they release a lot of games that are actually good for the PC and are playable unlike activision. <-- new game from Crytek looks good.



EA's digital distribution is a joke.


Its valve/steam or bust my friend.



I won't comment on EA but as far as sueing IW (or what's left of it), I'm all for it.  They deserve to get that money taken away from them, considering their lack of support for the PC community.  I understand MW2 was designed ground up for consoles, thus it was a huge success for that platform.  But us PC players got shit on.  Blatant hackers and glitched servers/gameplay totally ruined the whole experience for everyone.  Anyone who disagrees, I invite you to take a look at the IW forums.  It's been riddled with complaints since day one with absolutely no support from IW.  The worst $60 dollars I ever spent.  And after all that, they had the audacity to charge $15 dollars for map packs.  Apparently, the maps were already on your computer, paying money just "enabled" them.  I find this downright despicable.

I'm not concerned about the exact details of suit, what it emcompasses, or how it pretains to my rant.  As long as it involves emptying IW employees wallets, jailtime or mental anguish, I'll be satisfied cause' that is the only retribution we'll get for their utter disregard for PC gamers.



Dude that wasn't IW that was activision. Do you remember COD2 and COD4 yeah great games with little interaction with Activision then COD got popular and Activision got greedy don't hate IW and don't hate EA they are trying to come back and appeal to PC gamers we will see this in the next 2 years trust me give them a chance.



You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.  Activision is their publisher, it was IW who developed this abomination of a PC game.  They are responsible.  And I never "hated" on EA either, pretty sure I established that in my first sentence.  Please get your facts straight before you blurt out such non-sense.



"Hate wagon, ALL ABOARD!",  I'm getting on. I hate EA, Activision and IW for the crap they've dumped on PC gamers after we provided them the profits during the 80/90s required to make them the behemoths they are today. What used to be great companies that supported PC gaming are now full of suits whose only goal is greed not creating new and fantastic gaming experiences. Just sequels.

However I HATE the spammers in these comment sections more than anyone.




while i completely agree with you, i think activision sets the price on the map packs. considering that the new black ops map pack will cost $15 as well. either treyarch is following in iw's greedy footsteps or activision is the one pulling the strings on prices. in any event, its pure wallet rape



You see what happens when you don't treat your employees correctly depending on the circumstances. Why won't you spend that money your spending on this lawsuit and improve treyarch then you just might have a chance to compete with EA again.



this is wat i think and i dont care if u think its stupid cus at the moment i think its stupid but wat the hell.  now if it is true that activision are not giving bonuses then this is wat i think is the reason for that and it is   that when mw2 came out it was overated and activision thought great lots of money we hope they make another great game and make us more money but then when the game was getting many people hating on it cus of all its problems activision thought that if they give bonuses then IW would want to make mw3  and people wouldnt buy it cus the previous game made by them was so sh*t and activision would lose lots of money so by activision not giving them bonuses the people at IW wouldnt want to make another COD game. thats my thought on the situation i hope u all understod it and i know it sounds like a bunch of sh*t but thats my thought so lol  (i cant spell lol)

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