Activision Officially Announces Treyarch-Developed Call of Duty: Black Ops [Updated]



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Check it out! I found a link to the music for the
"Call of Duty: Black Ops" trailer!

It's by artist Cliff Lin and
it's called "And Your World Will Burn."

You can download it at this link:



I'm actually wondering how the game will play now that Infinity Ward is out of the picture.  I loved Modern Warfare 1 & 2, and so when I see that they will not be producing the next one, I begin to question the integrity of the game.  I can see from the trailer that the graphics are just as beautiful, and so that eases my worries a little bit, but you cannot judge a book by its cover.  I am just going to wait for this to come out.  Until then, I'll stick with Bad Company 2, and be damn happy of it.



.... and I was really hoping to see what happens to Captain Price and Soap...

In anycase, hopefully they'll smash records as well but Treyarch better have their contracts cleared up and solidified!



.... and I was really hoping to see what happens to Captain Price and Soap...

In anycase, hopefully they'll smash records as well but Treyarch better have their contracts cleared up and solidified!



We didnt ask you how it looked. If your going to give an opinion on the game then wait till it comes out. All you seen so far are cutscenes put together MTv Style. BIG F'N DEAL. All games look good when cut scenes are put to music that way. If they didnt no one would be getting ripped off for $60 at a time. But we are. The last MW2 was just a reskin off COD4. Thats all that was new. No vehicles, No destruction, No real physics. Crap! ALL CRAP!

Red Flags- Activision "Were going to take the fun out of making video games."

             - The best of Infinity Ward walked out and filed suit against a game company we all know sucked anyways. 



Meh.  I'm really getting tired of all the COD games being churned out; COD4 was really the only one I liked, but then MW2 came along and I decided that I was tired of that formula.  And now IW is gone, too, and I never liked any of the Treyarch games.  It'll be interesting to see Treyarch's take on modern warfare this time around, but I'll just stick to Bad Company 2, as it's a vastly superior game to me.  And prettier too.


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The trailer is very HL:2 esque, eh?



What happened to Inifinity Ward? I thought they were the only guys who create the Call of Duty series... I'm a bit worried if the gameplay of this "new game" would be any good. I've never heard of this company called "TreyArch". This game better be good, or else it would be one of those games like Halo 2 where the campaign are short and not "wow" enough. :/




You must not know much about the COD series then.  They've actually made 3 of the COD games.  A COD2 console version, COD3 console version and they also made COD WaW which was console/PC.



It's also worth mentioning that TreyArch CoD games are notoriously worse than IW CoD games. The only reason WaW was even halfway decent is because they nabbed half of their fun mechanics from Modern Warfare. 



That's your opinion. There's nothing "notrorious" about this point. I bought MW2 and got bored of it right-quick. The non-dedicated server issue is a joke. The rampant hacking is annoying. I much prefer COD WAW than MW2. Actually, let me re-state that. I love WAW and I hate MW2.



think it looks good but after all its only a trailer no real gameplay to speak of, but what i wanna see is a

MW3: Bad Company made by Respawn studious 



I think BF:BC2 may want to look into there files to see if anyone stole there game plans, this game looks offly like bad company 2....go figure



 I watched the trailer, and it looked good.  But after the crap they pulled with people ether getting fired or quitting I don't know how it will stack up against MW2... 

 One thing I noticed though, there was a part in the trailer where it looked like the player was controling a hele.  I don't know how this will work out since it isn't Battlefield.  We will see though.



Darn, yet another potential AAA to the list after BF BC2! Looks like I'll surely be waiting impatiently release date after release date as my wallet and free time would only allow me to buy half or less of my wishlist by the end of 2010.

With all the hyped up games planned for 2010 release- MOH, Crysis2, Fallout NV, Blacklight TD, Ghost Recon FS, Portal2, Arma2 OA, Starcraft2 WoL, Dues EX3, APB, RUSE... bye-bye sunlight!!!, reviews is a must-see and I'm just beggin for a delay on some of it! lol

By watching the amnesia-of-some-sort trailer, one would guess that Treyarch would let u shoot your way through different timelines and therefore have you playing with different guns and equipment based on the setting/era. If that's the case, I find this truly refreshing as I find myself easily bored on just playing either modern weapons and equipment or WW2-Coldwar era guns for the entire whole game- Combining the two on one game is definetely a win on my book! Let's say, I prefer this other than another zombie redo. 


screw 3D! I'm just in it for the hurts(HZ)!



$60 game and no dedicated servers.  It is gonna be simply amazing.  Can I preorder this right now?



theres going to be dedicated servers



It like your having surgery of some sort done to you, i guess to make you better, I guess that will add some twist to the game. Kinda like your part bionic or something. Anyways, most epic trailer ever!



I can see the frat boys now

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