ACTA Copyright Treaty Approved by EU



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Well what do you know, the EU is STILL a police state. God i cant wait till the Euro collapses and the EU is finished.  Then European customers can buy copies of Windows with IE included again. lawl but seriously, the EU is crazy.



Wait, so you only have to be accused three times before being barred from the internet? What if I listen to a song that's been put illegally on YouTube? Does that count? I've been exposed to countless examples of copyright infringement all over the internet, without even trying to be. I can appreciate laws aimed at stopping copyright infringement, but they need to be clear and fair.

And why all the secrecy? Isn't that a good reason to be concerned by this?




For once, the first post, a spam post offering the sale of counterfit shoes and other clothing seems appropriate.  I wonder how effective this new bill will be at stopping the kind of counterfitting?  I'd expect the poster to be banned from the internet in just 3 more posts.

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