Acer's Latest Predator Looks Meaner than a Pit Bull



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Port placement issues aside, this is without a doubt one of the coolest cases I have ever seen.


Zachary K.

is it just me, or does that entire front look like a copper heatsink?



Compared to other vendors' offerings this is a pretty decent system for the price. Looks are in the eye-of-the-beholder. One will have to be careful how they place their cords. I like the orange/black and style. I'm not sure everyone will like the colors, though.

Surely, one can build a similar system for less and tweak it to their liking.

Decent kit for $2000. I'd buy it. In the end, though, build-your-own gives you more freedom and options to your heart's content.  





Anyone who buys this is going to need either long USB and headphone/mic cables with plenty of slack or will have to unplug their front panel everytime they want to burn a disc or install software or read/write a memory card.  Or is there a way around that I'm not seeing from the pictures?



I don't see an issue.  The usb ports, the speaker and headphones jacks are accross the top and the balck guard doesn't look like it hinders any of it in the up or down position.



In the second photo, you can clearly see that the black guard (in it's raised position) is most definitely above the row of inputs on top of the case.  Perhaps it may not conflict with usb drives (hopefully), but cords for headphones and mics will have to do some maneuvering.

That being said, I can definitely agree with the styling of the case.



I hope they improved their cooling solution, as they do not need another recall for melting cases. Not that I'd buy an Acer as I still think their quality is lacking.

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