Acer's Latest Desktops Easy on the Wallet



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Those computers are intended for everyday computing, yours is probably high end gaming capable. For price and everyday computing, they're ideal.

(I love Peter Jackson as a movie director. Go 1920x1080p)



The big problem with these desktops are that they have the Acer name on them. Acer makes garbage, knows nothing abou building quality devices, and cares even less about doing so. They just push out lower cost machines knowing that the masses are not all that well schooled on what is good and what is not, and whose sole foucs is price point. My buddy purchased an Acer desktop recently (against my advice) from Worst Buy, asked me to set it up and transfer his data to it and install his apps. The machine was used as it already had a user account created on it (not Acers fault), he takes it bake gets a new one this time and 2 days later the PSU dies, returns it to Worst Buy who wants to charge him $160 to swap out hard drives as his data and apps were already on the dead one. Acer needs to fouc on quality more than price. You can make a low cost quality computer, just look at Lenovo and Asus.



Ironically enough, I've heard people say the same thing about Dell, HP and other brand name computer makers. I am not sure where your argument comes from, but I would like to see an example to prove your point. Otherwise I keep hearing the same things with no substance. Honestly, I think Acer makes pretty decent stuff from what I've seen (I don't see Acer's come in for repair but a ton more HP and Dell products). As far as I know, I have a friend who has an acer desktop and it's still going strong (it's several years old as well). Granted he swapped the power supply and video card, but that was because he wanted a gaming-able machine.


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



My computer could beat up that computer and take its lunch money.


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