Acer's Iconia Tab A110 Muscles into 7-inch Category Wielding Tegra 3 and Jelly Bean



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it's should read

"Acer's LATEST entry into the increasingly popular (and affordable) 7-inch tablet category is the Iconia Tab A110"
They had the A200 last year



Why don't they make a 10" tablet (or so thereabouts) that can stand up and function as a screen and works with a wireless keyboard? That way a person could use it as a tablet AND also use the wireless keyboard they already own for the desktop as the keyboard for the tablet to turn it into a laptop?



acer did with there first tablet the a500, I have it and it has a full size usb port so you could plug in a wireless receiver for a keyboard (or combo keybaord and mouse). personally i bought a case with a built in removable bluetooth keyboard (it's nice becasuse it had the home and menu keys instead of the windows and application key) and combined with my bluetooth kemouse it's a just like a laptop, the only thing that i feel is lacking is the ability to change the size of the mouse cursor, it's a little small, but all in all it works amazing. then to tblow my friend's minds, i connect a ps3 controller wirelessly using sixaxis and fire up final fantasy 7,8 or 9 via fpse.



looks like this holiday season will be the season of the tablets

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