Acer's Aspire S7 Series Ultrabooks Want to Feel Your Touch



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Not into ultrabooks but this one sure is priced to sell.
(for those not visting Giz)



I would actually consider one if I could use Win 7.



make it a convertible and I might get be interested. My touchsmart TM2 is getting a little long in the tooth.



I predict....failure.

Touch screens are for tablets and smartphones. What the hell is the point of having a touchscreen when you have a keyboard and mouse? Guess which one is faster? MUCH faster?



a) the average person doesn't use a mouse with their laptop
b) once you use a tablet for any period of time, touch becomes second second nature. 2 months with an Asus Transformer and I'm constantly reaching for my laptop screen for window management.



Me too.

I can't wait to be able to stroke and talk to my desktop like I do my TF300T.



The specs seem like they will fall handily into the normal ultrabooks range. The display however sounds great. Acer; the maker notorious for using 1366x768 on even their high end 15 inch laptops, has finally put a high res screen on a laptop. :p



This is just a horrible idea. I was just thinking to myself the other day, "what would make my computing experience better....????? I've got it! I'll put fingerprints all over my display!" What a bunch of crap! Why the hell would anyone possibly think this is some kind of improvement? The ONLY reason we tolerate touch on our mobile devises is because there is not a better mobile interface. Other than that touch is a awful, backwards, useless gimmick. pfffff.



Mot to mention how unergonomic is is to break contact with the keyboard just to reach up and work some touch required GUI, and then reach back down and put my hands back on the keyboard, just to inadvertantly hit keys with my hand. This would not work well for me at all.



Andrew, it seems like you and I are the only ones that feel this way. Reaching up and touching a monitor is so counter-intuitive and un-ergonomically friendly that it's absurd.



Excellent start. Cudo's to Acer.

This, I believe, is the direction Microsoft has in mind for computers. Down the road a bit, I think we'll see prices drop for touch screen desktop monitors. When that happens, the real usefulness of Win8...and beyond...will come to light.

edit: I just got an email ad from Amazon for an Acer 23" touch screen monitor for $389.95. Prices just need to come down a bit more and I'll be buying my 3rd 27" monitor so Win8 will be of use to me.

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