Acer Unveils a 720p 3D Projector for $549



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The TVs in this price range might not be 3d but they are 1080 while this projector is a mere 720.

If I watched the 3d blu-ray of The Hobbit in here, versus a TV in the same price range, I'd certainly be able to watch it in 3d but I'd be seeing less than half of what I'd see on the TV (1920*1080 vs 1280*720).

BTW I think it was cooler (and already gender-neutral) when it was called a "den".



I don't get it... I bought an Acer H5360 about 3 years ago and i love it. It was under $500 CAD at Future shop or Best Buy. This new one is the same in every way except for the addition of that 2D to 3D conversion stuff. Oh, and a bit better contrast ratio.

Anyone who's ever seen a 3d movie that wasn't shot in 3d knows how terrible that conversion process is. It produces a movie that you would rather watch in 2d. I wish that software conversion had never been developed because now, everyone hates 3d but may not realize what good 3d looks like.

I would like to see an affordable 1080p 3d projector from them. You can leave out all that conversion crap though.



Okay I'll take one of those.

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