Acer to Soon Knock Dell from Number Two PC Maker Slot



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I have a friend who recently had computer troubles. Her desktop and laptop computers both stopped working at around the same time. I examined the computers and they had "faulty" hard drives. Yes, they were Acer, but you know what I have also worked on some of my friends' Dell computers. Acer and Dell are interchangeable. Oh wait....Dell is more user friendly...Acer is less expensive. Both can make great products and both can make bad products. It's a crapshoot. Are you willing to take that chance. By the amount of sales Acer and Dell generate it seems the asnwer is a resounding yes! By, the way....I'm going to buy a Dell or an Acer laptop just as soon as I am finished building my monster desktop rig. For someone reason after I installed a 2 SATA drives I am not able to acess my ide drive. Oh well. It only had 56GB. My new drives each have 1.5TB. Oh yeah! I am also trying to decide if I should keep my GTS 250 or use something a bit less robust like a 9400GT. Crysis still won't run well on a GTS 250. I suppose I could splurge on a GTX 275, but since I'm taking 5 courses at the local state university and working part time I doubt I can allot the time to play Crysis at high FPS. Of course I can always stay up until 2AM and play Crysis then. Lol! 



When my wifes laptop crapped out about 2 years ago I found myself looking for something with very specific requirements. A laptop with a full keyboard/num pad, and a discrete graphics card. Surprisingly enough, there were only a handful of models out there. Most were in the 1700-2000 range. Then, there was the acer, for a mere $999. It had a core 2 duo proc. 2 gigs of ram, 17" monitor, blu ray player and an nvidia 8400gs graphics card. All for $999! I remember acer from the old packard bell dells and they werent exactly known for their quality, so $999 seemed a little too good to be true, But at the same time, I couldn't bring myself to pay twice as much for a laptop with compareable specs.


2 years later, aside from a few minor problems the laptop works wonderfully. As for the problems, I hade to replace the processor fan (my wife loves to use the laptop in bed and bury it in covers) and acer's bloatware they installed was mucking up my wifi connection and slowing down some games. In the end I decided to do a clean install of vista and it runs very smooth. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend acer to anyone looking for a great balance of value and performance.


IMO there is one reason why acer has made a quick rise to the top. Extremely cheap products with competitive specs. Normally when you pay for a value pc or laptop you always feel like you are giving up something to get a good price, but the acers have solid spec sheets and make you feel good that you are getting what you paid for and then some.



So does this mean that Acer PCs don't have crapware installed on each one? 

That's cool that Acer keeps costs down in their company, so they can give customer better quality for their buck.


Joe D

I love the Acer brand and recommend it to all my customers. DELL.......i hate you!

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