Acer Says Iconia W700 is a Performance PC in a Tablet's Body



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I'm psyched for these x86 devices to finally come out. I believe this will change the whole landscape of tablets- to finally be able to run largely the same apps, have the same interface and have it all synch up to my other devices (most importantly my desktop)- full on incredible and should have been done years ago.



Other than the bluetooth keyboard, I like this thing.

If Asus made a Transformer with the i3 or i5 and all the rest, I would give it a serious look.



Honestly, I think my wife would love something like this, but I'm not sure how well touch typing works on a tablet. Having bluetooth keyboard as an option is nice, BUT it is an extra part that may seem a bit foreign to a regular 15.4" laptop user. The price isn't terrible, but you're paying for convenience and the new factor too.
It is definitely in my consideration, but I'll wait til a local retailer has it so we can try it out in person.

As for who copies who... i could care less if it's affordable and functional. If they do it better, more power to them. Maybe the other guys will step up their game.



Looks nice, but really, if you're going to copy Apple, don't copy their peripherals. Apple peripherals are the worst, and always have been. That keyboard looks horrendous.

The problem with Apple peripherals is that, in their quest for simplicity, they often force you to sacrifice productivity, comfort and/or function for the sake of design. It's textbook form over function. Blech.



In general I agree with you, but I've discovered one exception: the Apple TV remote, (disclaimer: my wife bought it, not me).

I'm no Apple fan, but I like that little thing. It's small, simple and gets the job done quite well. I use it for Netflix, and it does everything I need it to do. It's far better than trying to use the PS3 with its cluttered, poorly-designed remote. You're right that Apple often goes overboard in their obsessive quest for hardware simplification, but in my opinion they got it just right with that one.

As for the subject of the article... well, I'm a die-hard old desktop guy so it's not for me, whatever the aesthetics. Especially when I consider what else I could buy for 800 clams.



They're probably doing that for sales, because many people recognize Apple's products, and 90% of the population (the dumb 90%) think that Apple's products are superior to other company's products and that Apple sets the gold standard for the technology world. So what I think what Acer thinks is that if they copy Apple, people (again, the dumb 90%) will think it's very good and has better quality than the competitor's keyboards.

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