Acer Releases Quad-Core 8930G Laptop



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Its nice to have one, but with that much power hungry sure your battery is not to happy about it..most of the time you will need an AC outlet nearby.. Quad cores are still too much for the notebook arena, though it may sound useful, there is still no OS that will maximize its FULL potential. Still this model falls short on the GPU unit...i guess a 9800 Gt or GTX is just too hot for this unit...

I'll still would go for a budgeted on on HP or to a more upgradable on Sager..using MXM Gpu's...

I'd wait for a more extensive review on this product before i would buy any quadcore equiped notebooks..



This is crazy.  I have just spent the last ten days narrowing down the field for a new non-budget busting gaming capable laptop, dozens and dozens of hours, and now this.  I had narrowed my choices down to Acer AS8930, Asus M71Vn,  HP HDX, and Sony Vaio.  All for nothing.  $1800 suggested list for this new laptop means probably $1600-1700 street price.  I never buy the latest and greatest, don't like to be the bug guinea pig, but this rig I gotta have.  Kind of funny though that Intel's own site makes no mention of this new MobileQuad prcessor.



I was also looking at all the same laptops you mentioned -- then saw the Quad core news last night.

I still went ahead and ordered the Acer today mainly because it's the only affordable RGB display that doesn't break the budget, and I had to buy something for my home office before year end! I'll have to get back to you to tell you how it is.

Does anyone know if the Quad will be using the same motherboard on the Acer AS8930?

Since only the 2.0Ghz Quad cpu is available right now, I might be waiting for a couple of months before a 2.5Ghz version comes out -- I'd rather upgrade the PC next year than to have to wait and buy the whole rig!


flathead monster


 Can you please tell me where you ordered it from and send me a link?  I've been looking all over for this thing to buy since the initial announcement and I haven't seen a single thing about where I can actually order one. Please let me know, I would really appreciate it.



I was curious myself and the only place I've been able to find anyone carrying it is at NewEgg:

Hope that helps!


flathead monster



Thanks so much for the info.  I placed an order and the machine should be shipping on Monday.  Thanks again!



Although the pricing for the new Acer was very tempting, I myself decided on the new HP Pavilion HDX18t.  I went for the 2.53 GHz quad core processor from Intel, the dual 250GB 7200rpm drives in raid-1, the ultimate version of vista, the blu-ray player with dvd burning capability and of course the 18.4" (diagonal) 1920x1080 screen.  So this basically added another $1K to the price for what you can get this Acer laptop.  Hopefully it will be in my hands in about a week or two.  Good luck to us both! :)

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