Acer Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever, Faces Tough Road Ahead



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...And Good Riddance!  I have never owned a good Acer product, and neither have my friends.  In fact, all of my friends who bought them had them die in a year or less due to major manufacturing and design problems.  In one case, Acer used RAM that ran VERY hot and put no divider between it and the hard drive, thus baking the hard drive.



How do you figure Acer being the 2nd largest? By market share it is HP (18.1%), Dell (12.9%), Lenovo (12.2%) then Acer (10.9%). Even if you go by actual sales. Lenovo outsold Acer last quarter 10.3 million units sold to 9.2 million for Acer. HP sold 15.3 million while Dell sold 10.9 million. At this rate, it will not be long before Lenovo passes Dell by.

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