Acer Plots Price Hikes to Offset Rising Hard Drive Costs



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Like many here, my planned pc build is now on hold due to the 100+% increase in hard drive prices over the past week. I personally think its price gouging since the slow down in production was recently announced which shouldn't have affected products already in circulation. However these greedy retailers think they're doubling thier money on hard drives...but they're too stupid to realize they're losing money on other items, that now won't be sold.  I'm not buying a "price gouged" hard drive, nor will I be buying that computer case, power supply, or graphics card.... hell I might sell the motherboard and ram and wait on Pile Driver late 2012.



My $120 Hitachi 5400rpm 3TB drive a few months back now costs $220.  i cant believe how much these prices have risen.  



I thought it was Thailand that had the flood that shutdown some harddrive manufacturing facilities?


Turbo Charge

Try 50% more at newegg, like a samsung 2TB eco oem that was only 70 bucks and free sh. 2 weeks ago now cost 139.99 and 7 something sh. It's really digusting if you ask me, it used to be the place where the goose laid the golden egg but the giant took over and where in the hell is jack when you need him.



you just read my mind. that is EXACTLY what i was about to post. i noticed as soon as it happened because i was gonna buy one. ill just wait 6 months or so till they are dirt cheap again



Prices of just regular 3.5 inch internal green drives from both Seagate and WD have more than doubled in the last 2 days here in Canada in online stores. A 2T Seagate drive was 59 bucks a couple days ago, now they are 139. ouch...


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