Acer May Launch a $399 Touchscreen Notebook Next Month



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It's about freaking time for cheap touchscreens.

But at 11 inches, isn't that basically a net-book? This contradicts the article from before "IHS iSuppli: No More Netbooks Beyond 2015; The once popular netbook is now on the verge of extinction."


Peanut Fox

Netbooks didn't just fit into a size category. They also had less than worth wild performance too.



It will have an atom processor at this price point (albeit a better one than from say 2yrs ago), 2gb of ram and crappy onboard graphics. Sounds like a netbook with a touch screen to me .....



I wouldn't be so sure, considering there's an 11" touchscreen ASUS Vivobook for $450 that has an i3. Not sure I trust Acer though...



Will it have the capability to transform into a tablet? This is an obvious & convenient feature that I think all touch-enabled laptops should have as it enables one device to be both laptop & tablet and, if we're being honest, the normal clamshell laptop form factor doesn't lend itself to the ergonomics of touchscreen use.



Doesn't look like it. The scary thing is I expect at least one product cycle where touch somehow becomes a required option. Likely only used by small children.

I wonder if there is any relation to programmer skill and the following "back in my day computer users could:"

solder their own computer together/program in assembler (pre-Apple II)
program the thing (at least in BASIC) (Apple II/Commodore 64)
use the command line (DOS/PC)
use a GUI with keyboard and mouse (Mac/Windows)
fingerpaint on screen (iOS/Android)

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