Acer Lays Claim to World's First 8-inch Windows 8 Tablet



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As a media consumption device AND if the battery holds up they way it should, it could become quite an object of desire.

With Windows, it has the capability to play/read any audio/video/text file... And it's still small enough to be carried around. Give me a 8-hour battery life and a processor nimble enough for 1080p, and I'm in!



8" and full windows?
Yes please.



An Atom and "32G or 64G" (and full office)? I'll pass. Sure, it beats RT (but so does everything), but I can't think of many windows apps that an atom can run that wouldn't be better (and more built for a touchscreen) on an android (and I won't have to worry about more than half the storage eaten before I turn it on).

Haswell and 128G (or more), I can see. But it will cost you and take more juice.



Could this be the game changer for MS? Looks a little on the thick side compared to Android tablets. The price seems reasonable, I'll keep an eye on it as I'll be in the market for either tablet or new PC soon, looking for under $400.



Wonder how much disk space is left free after a win8 install and Office as well.



Aside from office (and that's if you want to have office installed), what other programs(not apps)would anyone want installed on an 8 inch pc? The disk space is a nonissue for a pc this small considering that usability would be most effective to touch based apps. Apps take up hardly any space and some basic windows tweaks will allow a significant amount of free space.
The windows is too big for 32gbs bitching is absurd. It's fucking windows for fuck's sake of course it's going to use a large portion of hard drive space! Does everyone want Microsoft to reintroduce windows starter again? Does everyone really want a gimped OS for the sake of free space?!?
They make RT, it's not good enough (or for the illiterate, it's too confusing). They make windows 8, it takes too much drive space. Has Apple made everyone this fucking stupid?

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