Acer Launches New 23.6-inch and 27-inch 3D Displays



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I would buy three of them if they were true HD, 1920 X 1200 but not that skinny looking 1080p. I do lots more than watch videos and I really do not like the 1080p aspect.



um dont the human eye already see in 3d so why do we still need to wear those stupid ugly glasses to view "3d" when our body's are already equiped with the equipment to view in 3d



Can someone explain to me this 3d thing? I mean hooked up to one of those nvidia cards isn't any monitor 3d? Which also holds true for the tvs. Why should I pay triple what one of these monitors would cost without the 3d tech in them when i can pay normal price for an nvidia card with it? Am I missing something?



It is all about the refresh rate.  A standard LCD refreshes at 60 Hz - the 3D screens refresh at 120 Hz.  This has a couple of benefits.  Firstly, if you are using 3D mode with shutter glasses, then if the screen is refreshing at 120 Hz, you will get 60 Hz for each eye.  That is how shutter glasses work.  If you tried to run 3D glasses with a 60Hz (normal) LCD, either it wouldn't work at all, or you'd walk away with a splitting headache.

The second benefit is that 120Hz produces noticibly smoother video and gaming.  If you use an old CRT monitor, then switch to an LCD, you'll notice that there is a huge difference in the smoothness - the old CRTs, for all their bulkiness, actually refresh at 110Hz or 120Hz, depending on the monitor.  When I first started running my new LG 3D monitor in 2D mode, it was amazing how much better the framerate looked.

For more information on the difference between 2D and 3D monitors, look here: 




The monitors that you're seeing branded as 3d support twice the refresh rate (whatever that means for an LCD) of a normal display, compensating for the fact that every other frame is blocked out by the shutter glasses.  The elevated price is also partially explained by the inclusion of a pair of shutter glasses - such glasses are generally retailing for $150 USD or so at present.

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