Acer Launches Half a Dozen S0 Slim LED Series Monitors



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Sometimes I sound like I’m arguing, when I’m actually not. I just have a way of putting my posts stronger than intended.It’s easier to keep out of the conversation and not take the chance of being misunderstood.

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Meh, more 1080p TV's minus tuners. They probibally have glossy reflective screens also. Toys! Many of us want to stay with 1920 X 1200 resolution, as said narrow bezels and NO GLOSSY SCREENS!



Most of us don't want 1920x1200. That res is much harder on our VGA hardware. Stop posing online FUD! Most of us are very happy with 1080P gaming with decent ms rates thank you very much...



Couldn't agree more.  Cheapskate (or just idiot) manufacturers grabbing both TV and Monitor markets with same parts.  I don't want stinkin' basic HD on my 24 inch monitor (not even on my 20 inch).  16:10 please, no run-of-the-mill displays thanks.  I certainly don't wanna see 720p or 1080p or any other "multimedia" moniker in the specs of my monitors.  I wanna see proper res at decent prices.  Knock off this TV crap!!



While display companies are shedding mass and making displays more sexy, I'd like to see them reducing the bezel width, for the multi-display gaming crowd. With the right materials used I think bezels could be made a lot narrower and still support the components well.

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