Acer Invites You to Grope New 23-inch Multi-Touch Display



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Keith E. Whisman

There this is the basis for my new 21st Century Video Jukebox. My jukebox is going to be amazing and it's going to have this touch screen and a lit up and spinning disco ball somewhere. 



I have the Acer T230H (which is the previous touchscreen version) and i have to say that it's pretty good. The touchscreen is 2 cameras that pinpoints the position of fingers, or any other object, so it's not super-accurate. The worst part, though, is that the screen is highly reflective, and has the worst blacks i've ever seen. I'm looking at it displaying black right now and it just looks grey. I got it for $200 on eBay though, so that was a pretty good deal. It also gives you bragging rights.

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