Acer Iconia W510 Tablet Runs Windows 8 FAST (Video)



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That's the last time I click on a video on this website.

A 45 second commercial to watch a 15 second video? Seriously?



Write a paper on that toy. Or a book. Lay out a magazine. Compose original music on it without canned fills.

It's a toy designed for lite web browsing and Angry Bird retards.



one thing is 'can it run X', another thing is 'can it run X as well as a $400 laptop?' If the answer is yes, then we have a winner, if not, then I'll keep using my laptop and save me $250
P.D. And by X I don't mean "Angry Birds"



I've been using Windows 8 on a 2.5 year old Dell Inspiron Duo (touchscreen convertable mini) and I think it's pretty awesome as a tablet OS. The tiles display current info so there isn't a ned to ALWAYS launch an app just to see what temp it is outdoors. I'd be VERY interested in this. If my 2.5 year old mini can run it just fine, the newer hardware has to make it fly.

As far as the PC, it's just ok. I do like how it "feels." It's very agile, or quick. On a non-touchscreen device though, the Metro UI isn't fully taken advantage of.



@Bullwinkle J Moose:

Pray tell - where do you get all those wonderful portable versions from?



You're missing the point. With an intel CPU, this will run every win 7 app that doesn't require a high end cpu.

Office, Photoshop, VLC, Steam. All of them.

All your devices too. Printers, external monitors, keyboards, Xbox Game controllers.

If its half as cool as it looks....


Bullwinkle J Moose

Can it run a Portable copy of Adobe Audition 3.0? NO!
Can it run Photoshop CS5 Portable....NO!
Can it run Illustrator CS3 Portable..NO!
Can it run Handbrake Portable........NO!
Can it run Massive Portable..........NO!
Can it run Quicktime Portable........NO!
Can it run Soundforge Portable.......NO!
etc, etc, etc

Only Windows XP can run thinstalled portable apps and many other apps that Windows 7 and Windows 8 refuse to run

Why run portable app's?
Because they eliminate registry conflicts and Blue Screens of Death!

Can it run XP......................Hahahahahhahaha!

Can it Full format a thumbdrive as FAT32 faster than a first generation ATOM running XP?


ANY computer with XP can full format a 16GB thumbdrive to FAT32 over 80 times faster than Windows 7 or 8 can do it

Windows 7 and 8 are Gov't sponsored Spyware Platforms and nothing more

Now go test for yourself what I just said about formatting times if you don't believe me

Default Allocation size


Last format test with Windows 8 was 33 minutes and 24 seconds format time
Last format test with XP-SP2 was 22 seconds
(91 times faster on same thumbdrive - 16GB Patriot Xporter)



"Windows 7 and 8 are Gov't sponsored Spyware Platforms"


Are you off your lithium again, Bullwinkle?



I have a number of portable versions of apps I own, that I got from the seedy parts of the Internet, and they all run fine from a USB drive on my Windows 7 machines. I'd never go back to XP...not sure if I'm digging win8 though...especially since I just shelled out the money a few months back for win 7 for my new build....not sure if it's worth the far it doesn't look like it.



Dude, just click the "quick format" button. last time I formatted my 16 gig jump drive, it took right at thirty seconds on windows 7, albeit Linux mint was marginally faster. Quick format on windows 7 is nothing different than what you're doing under XP.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Oh but I do use quick format on XP

I just don't use the Windows 7 & 8 Spyware

These are just tests for research purposes

Haven't you ever researched the wild claims made by Microsoft or the Federal Gov't?



If drive formatting times are a serious issue, may I recommend changing your browsing habits?


Bullwinkle J Moose

What does that even mean?


Peanut Fox

The joke is that the only reason you'd be worried about formatting a drive is because you want to hide viewing certain material online.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Oh, pretty lame joke

I was simply testing all aspects of Windows 8 and comparing the results to Windows 7 and XP without any Internet connection using a fresh Install of each



Haha, wow............



in fact, not only is are you OSs govt spy ware, so are your phones. They can listen to what the mic pics up and look thru your camera remotely. And guess what, under the war presidents Bush and Obama, its all legal now! Well, not ACTUALLY legal since it violates the Constitution, but legal in a dictatorship kind of way.



I would not pay more than $50.00 for a web browsing machine, $650.00 is sickening.

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