Acer Hitches a Ride on Ultrabook Bandwagon with Aspire S3 Laptop



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Hmmm...looks like a MacBook Air (right down to the buttonless trackpad), has the features and specs of a MacBook Air, and the same price as a MacBook Air. No, wait, it's actually slightly more expensive. I guess that's what they call the sincerest form of flattery... 



$1200 MacBook? LIIIIEES. Unless you provide a direct link to a configuration of the MacBook Air with pricing under $1200 and equivalent/superior hardware for EVERY part, then I refuse to believe you. I will not visit the Apple site, because that's against my morals.

And when you find a MacBook where installing Linux is not just consequence-free but encouraged, then you can talk about what is "slightly more expensive." Honestly, have you *seen* what Apple charges for its load of proprietary stuff?

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